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With the Momentum Bundle, you get our two most powerful, life-changing resources: A Momentum Club Membership and enrollment in the EDIS Academy.

These two powerful assets work in tandem to guide you toward creating the life you want, building perpetual momentum and supporting you every step of the way!

Here’s what you get:


Momentum Club Membership

Nothing helps a person reach their goals better than having support! That’s why there are so many famous “meetings” in the world – from AA to Weight Watchers. Getting the encouragement pf people on your same journey can make ALL the difference!

The Momentum Club is the “meeting place” for people just like you – who are working to recreate their lives in amazing ways JUST LIKE YOU.

* T-shirts and mugs sent within first two months of membership



Daily Action Challenge - One thing to do each day to move forward


Monthly MomentumCast - One hour adrenaline-pumping, mojo-raising, personal pep rally from Sam every month.


Member Discounts - On Sam Crowley's exclusive programs


Monthly Motivational Audio: One hour audio (think of Sam’s motivational podcast on steroids), accompanied by PDF notes of the audio


2 Free Event Tickets - To a Sam Crowley LIVE event


MERCH! As a Momentum Club Member you receive your very own EDIS t-shirt and mug.*


Monthly Group Calls – Sam leads engaging discussions on topics relevant to you and your business, such as getting unstuck, eliminating distraction, creating focus and hands-on business learning.


Resources - Downloadable worksheets, audios and videos for each month's theme.

Exclusive Access to EDIS Academy

Get your “Master’s” Degree … Master of your own life!

All the EDIS Academy lessons are delivered in videos that are short enough to watch on your lunch break, the train ride home, or before breakfast … so they’re easy to fit into your schedule!

No matter how many degrees you have on your wall today, THIS is the education that will change your life for good!

Week 1 – Foundations

  • Life Lessons 101
  • Passion and Purpose
  • Influential Thoughts
  • Momentum 101
  • Success 101

Week 2 – Saturday Associate’s Degree

  • Success 201
  • DIY – Yes, you can!
  • Freedom to Fail
  • Learning from Others
  • Focus

Week 3 – Saturday Bachelor’s Degree

  • Your Message
  • Telling Your Story
  • Motivation 101
  • Social Proof

Week 4 – Saturday Master’s Degree

  • If I Lost it All: Part One
  • If I Lost it All: Part Two
  • Motivation 202
  • Behind the Computer: Products and Platforms for Your Message
  • Building Your First Funnel Step-by-Step

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